2014 – Biting off more than I can chew…. As Usual! :-)

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Okay, It’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything and, you know what, TOUGH! That’s life, not everything revolves around the internet and blogs (although I’m sure some people would like to think so).

2013 – A quick look over the shoulder

Well, I finally found happiness and contentment in my professional life. In other words, I am employed in a job I LOVE! Although I did have to leave near the end of the year due to a double hernia; which has been successfully repaired now and I am champing at the bit to get back to work.

NANOWRIMO was another failure for me in 2013; it’s not that the story was lifeless, it was more due to my own procrastination than anything else and is one of the goals that I’d like to work on for 2014.

The two greatest highlights for 2013, for me, were the publication of my first book, ‘Striving to find my Voice‘, a book of poetry. And the Second was my successful enrollment into university, of course it is only a Pathways Enabling course but the end goal is to continue on from there and attain my Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. And that brings us to 2014 and that image hanging above…..

365 Writing Prompts.

It is an interesting approach, write a post, Every Day, based upon a preset prompt. Now, I know I’ve missed the boat a little this year but my Idea is that I will start tomorrow –  7th January and just roll over the first six days into 2015. It doesn’t mention that it has to be started exactly on the 1st of January!

Now, Ive looked over the prompts for the year and I’m not going to strictly work to what is provided as my personal life is just that – Personal. So some of the posts will be adapted to fit my needs.

GoodReads 2014 Reading Challange

On the right you’ll notice a Goodreads widget stating that I intend to read 500 books this year (This is what I meant by biting off more than I can chew!), Not only am going to do my best to hit that goal I’m adding some special rules to make it harder.

  • The book must be something I have not read in the last 5 years. This takes care of my current personal library. There is nothing in there I have not read in the last 5 years.
  • I will write a review of, at least, one in every five books I read. Obviously, with work, study, a personal life, this blog and just being human It would be utter madness to try and write a review for every book, especially if I can actually hit that 500 mark! (Note to self – Madness is my normal frame of reference so why aren’t you writing a review for EVERY book! You Mad Scot!!!)

Add on top of that – NANOWRIMO 2014, the fact that I over-think and over-analyze everything, throw into that whatever curve-ball Karma feels like throwing my way in 2014 and we have the makings of either an incredibly productive and exciting year or you will all have front row seats for witness my personal meltdown!

I can’t wait !! :-)


Sin Cera

Matty J


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